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  • Peter Elger, CEO fourTheorem

    Peter Elger, CEO fourTheroem

    Eoin Shanaghy, CTO fourTheorem

    Eoin Shanaghy, CTO fourTheorem

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    Companies everywhere are moving everyday business processes over to the cloud, and AI is increasingly being given the reins in these tasks. As this massive digital transformation continues, the combination of serverless computing and AI promises to become the de facto standard for business-to-consumer platform development—and developers who can design, develop, implement, and maintain these systems will be in high demand! AI as a Service is a practical handbook to building and implementing serverless AI applications, without bogging you down with a lot of theory. Instead, you’ll find easy-to-digest instruction and two complete hands-on serverless AI builds in this must-have guide!

    AI as a Service

    AI as a Service teaches you how to quickly harness the power of serverless computing and cloud-based AI services. After an introduction to the basics of this dynamic technology duo, you’ll dive right into your first hands-on serverless AI project: a system that can recognize images from arbitrary web pages.


    In it you’ll explore tools like Amazon Rekognition for image analysis and techniques like deployment of cloud infrastructure, a crawler service, and a simple API. When you’ve mastered the concepts and skills in that fun and interesting project, you’ll move on to building a serverless to-do application that employs cloud-based AI tools like AWS Transcribe and Polly for speech-to-text and text-to-speech functionality and Lex for creating interactive chatbots.


    When you’re finished with this essential book, you’ll have the skills to quickly build end-to-end serverless AI systems, making you indispensable as this rapidly emerging paradigm becomes the business standard!

  • about the authors

    Peter Elger, CEO fourTheorem

    Peter Elger is the founder and CEO of fourTheorem, a software solutions company providing expertise on architecture, development, DevOps, and machine learning. He is also the cofounder and CTO of two other companies: nearForm, and Node.js consultancy, and StitcherAds, a digital advertising platform. He is a regular conference speaker and coauthor of The Node Cookbook as well as several academic papers.

    Eoin Shanaghy, CTO fourTheorem

    Eoin Shanaghy is the cofounder and CTO of fourTheorem and the founder of Showpiper, a machine learning-driven video content marketing startup. He previously created real-time trading applications for Fortis Bank and developed Hewlett-Packard's enterprise application server as well as 3G network management systems for Ericsson and Arantech (now Netscout).

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  • AI as a Service is available for purchase on manning.com

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  • "Illustrates the full potential of aws"

    - Maria Geminem

    Great reference if you are looking to get up and running with AWS AI services. Step by step instructions and a ton of code examples.

    - Polina Keselman

    "Extremely well written and provides excellent real world examples of using AWS to incorporate AI functions provided by Amazon."

    - Roger M. Meli

    "The book is well documented, and is rich in examples that will help most users understanding how to design, build and host AI-enriched applications on Amazon. Most concepts are clearly explained, allowing even beginners to understand them."

    - Philippe Vialatte

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